Retrieve security credentials

This step is optional and only required if you want to test the solution in step 2.6 using a mock CloudWatch event. If you are not familiar with the AWS CLI or do not have the CLI installed we recommend skipping this step.

You will need to retreive your temporary security credentials to make programmatic requests for AWS resources using the AWS CLI. The temporary credentials provide the same permissions that you have with use long-term security credentials such as IAM user credentials with few exceptions.


  1. You will need the AWS CLI installed on your system. If you do not have the AWS CLI installed you can install it by following the instructions here:

Retreive your temporary security credentials

  1. On the event engine Team Dashboard landing page, select AWS Console

  2. At this point, you will notice a pop up window with the required information under Credentials/CLI Snippets


  3. Depending on your Operating System (OS) select Mac/Linux OR Windows,

  4. Setup your environment by copy, pasting & executing each command via terminal

  5. Check the command output for aws ec2 describe-instances to ensure the installation was successful