Pre-provisioned components

Initial setup of the Automatic region failover lab can be quite time-intensive. For this reason, multiple resources have been pre-created through CloudFormation.

Some resources will be discussed in detail throughout this lab while others will only be mentioned briefly. The latter include:

  • EC2 Instances - EC2 instances in private subnet used to serve web traffic. Bastion EC2 instance in public subnet for generating traffic
  • Network Load Balancer - Network Load Balancer serving traffic to the EC2 instances in private subnet
  • Private HostedZone - Hosted zone containing the necessary DNS records for failover
  • IAM Roles - IAM roles to grant necessary permissions to Lambda functions
  • Lambda Functions - Lambda functions to switch traffic between regions
  • Custom Resources - CloudFormation custom resource to associate VPC to Hosted zone in Ohio region
  • VPC - Basic Virtual Private Network in N.Virginia & Ohio regions consisting of public/private subnets, internet gateway & security groups. All compute resources in this lab will be located inside the VPC