5. Run Command

Let’s execute the Document created in the previous step to increase latency for our traffic in N.Virgina region

  1. On the left panel of the console, under Instances & Nodes, click Run Command
    (NOTE: If you do not see a list of Command documents then Click the Run Command button on top right under Commands.) RunCommand

  2. Click on the Command document search field, and type SSMLatencyDocument

  3. Select SSMLatencyDocument-Reinvent document

  4. Under Command parameters section set the following values:

    • Jitter = 2
    • Probability= 25
    • Latency = 20
  5. Under Targets select Choose instances manually

    • Choose one of the instances that has WEB01/WEB02/Canary in Name
  6. Scroll down to Output options

    • Unselect Enable writing to an S3 bucket to disable it
  7. Select Run

  8. Notice a mesage that the command has ran sucessfuly & Overall Status is “In Progress” state: CommandPending

  9. After 5-6 seconds, Click the Refresh icon above Command Status to confirm Overall Status in “Success” state: CommandPending