2. Create a CW Event Rule

Now that you have seen how each of the Lambda functions operate in the EBS Limits Forecast workflow, you can move on to to create a Cloudwatch daily event rule which invokes the DailyEbsVolumeCountLambda on a daily basis to get your EBS volume count.

  1. Click on the Services dropdown at the very top of the AWS Management console
  2. Find the Cloudwatch service and go to its page
  3. Under the Events section on the left side of the console, click Rules > Create rule
  4. On the next page, under Event Source, select Schedule
  5. In the Fixed rate of field specify 1 Day(s)
  6. Under Targets, click Add target*
  7. For Function choose DailyEbsVolumeCountLambda from the list
  8. Click Configure Details
  9. On the next page, give the rule a meaningful Name and Description. You can uncheck the State to disable the rule since we will not actually be polling for EBS count in this workshop (the workshop is conducted in dry-run mode).
  10. Click Create Rule